Fashion is all about points of view and paradoxes.

Our paradox is that we love clothes, but above all we love the man who wears them.

We also imagine this man as a paradox. Cerebral yet sexy. Simple yet sophisticated. Subtle yet transgressive. Timeless yet resolutely contemporary. Elegant in both allure and spirit.
It's in this paradox that we find the freedom to be fully ourselves, to become the artist of our own style and our own life.
Let's be paradoxical.

Théo and Pablo took over the Lafaurie brand in 2018.
Since then, they've never stopped reinventing the brand without denying their heritage, drawing on their history, their neighborhoods, the cities they've lived in, the people they've crossed paths with, the artists who've left their mark - in short, the world in all the richness, diversity and imagination it has to offer.
Using the men's wardrobe archetypes as a canvas, Lafaurie creates the classics of our time, combining the precision of tailoring with a playful sense of détournement.
A wardrobe designed with seriousness, without taking itself too seriously.

Half craftsmen, half artists, the Lafaurie teams spare neither quality nor imagination.
Research and design, the meticulous selection of top-quality materials, the perfect fit, the right price - these are the thousand and one details of a labor of love, combined with the fantasy of an astonishing variation in color - gray or half-tone, our obsession - or the surprise of a diverted fabric.
To create a wardrobe that is both pragmatic and seductive, Lafaurie juxtaposes the long times that define the values of a great house with the short times of madness, creative impulse and joie de vivre.